Malikai Johnson: A life story made for the movies

Boxing and the motion picture industry have a rich history dating back decades. Before even colorvision had come along, stories around boxing made for great films. Somebody Up There Likes MeRequiem for a HeavyweightFat City, the Rocky franchise, Raging Bull all the way to modern entries in the genre like The FighterSouthpawCreed and too many others to name have been examples of how the sweet science makes for great storytelling. Super featherweight prospect, and avid film buff, Malikai Johnson sees his life playing out like one of his favorite films. Though he is still undefeated as a professional, his story includes a major setback, something every lead character needs to overcome in a great motion picture. With a win on Friday night in his hometown of Sacramento, California, Johnson may have the perfect ending to part one of his biographical film series.